Atelier Balthazar is a production of photographer/aesthete Balthazar Simões and writer/stylist Sonia-Maria Simões. 

Balthazar came to photography in 2008 with the interest of giving form and shape to his fantasies. He was immediately possessed by the medium's potential. Unable to keep his finger off the shutter button, he was soon reaching out to to others to help them illustrate their own stories. He collects cameras and won't hesitate to try a new one out on you. Balthazar applies the same aesthetic standards to his commercial work as his fine art photography.  

Sonia-Maria has been in love with editorial styling since she first got her 11-year-old mitts on the September 1988 issue of Vanity Fair. She is constantly refilling her style arsenal with ideas gleaned from her research in literature, art, jazz, and pop culture.  She enjoys working with clients to help unleash the movie stills locked in their hearts, creating sets and wardrobe based on their specifications.